Rum Doings Episode 91

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  • Song Name: Rum Doings Episode 91
  • Artist: Nick Mailer, John Walker
  • Album: Rum Doings
  • Year: 2011

In Episode 91 of Rum Doings we don't discuss when we're finally going to let go of our dependence on books. But instead we drink beer+coffee, and Baroness Von Greenfield, the best scientist in all the land. We celebrate how she streamlines science, and then discuss the metaphorical nature of gaming.

John reveals a terrible disability, and then we discuss the problems inherent in Michael Buerk. Which takes us on to how much we hate the gays. Then to the issues of the atavistic reader, the beginnings of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and the terrible state of Future Publishing. We then talk about the delightful late Steve Jobs, Stephen Fry, and a quick burst of phone hacking.