Rum Doings Episode 28

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  • Song Name: Rum Doings Episode 28
  • Artist: John Walker, Nick Mailer
  • Album: Rum Doings
  • Year: 2010

Rum Doings is not discussing: Why can an Englishman not defend his home by shooting a burglar in the back.

This week John has a headache. So we talk about headaches. You know how we are.

What else do we bring up? Television programmes we enjoy watching with our eyes. More dangerous ways of distributing gas. We argue about Doctor Who and sitcoms. We realise Rum Doings needs a trombonist. In fact, most of an orchestra. Of buskers. We learn how Nick lets his daughter suffocate, how long John's been a crybaby, and plans for genre twists. Can you Chinese-burn yourself? Can you touch your own winky? And what exactly is the fabric of our universe? And why don't the Jews like it?