Rum Doings Episode 51

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  • Song Name: Rum Doings Episode 51
  • Artist: Nick Mailer, John Walker
  • Album: Rum Doings
  • Year: 2010

Rum Doings Episode 51 (episode 50 is in the same place as episode 40) begins with the subject that we're not discussing: what has happened to the good old fashioned British bread bin?

But instead John goes through Nick's DVDs. Which he brought into the studio for some reason. We reminisce about John's radio days, getting caught for lying, Nickl starts lying, and musicals. The film John couldn't remember the name of was Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench.

We discuss mega-churches, the modern pop music of the young people of today, and Cloud Cult. Then Michael Buerk, and David Starkey.